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  Still around and looking to revamp the site hopefully - 14 March , 2021 Posted by Mysticales
Hey all. Just wanted to post am update. Still around and thinking it's time to update the site. Get more up to date things represented too for all projects. To think.. was here for so long before smartphones could play an emulator! Anyways as always can join in discord for live chat. :)
  Still around! Looking to convert site to "Sega Cd" in general. - 25 April , 2018 Posted by Mysticales
With all the emulators out there.. and oddly still not perfection in Sega Cd emulators. Thinking to overhaul this site a lil to add emulators for all platforms regarding Sega Cd. This could mean Retroarch, Sega Cd on Xbox, etc. Think if we had one place to go.. that could be a neat idea. If you wanna offer any help. Contact me on discord. (See Forums Link, which while the forums are disabled since I got tired of bots and cant afford a new VB license.. just moved it to live chat)
  Forums down atm - 9 April , 2013 Posted by Mysticales
Think something on the backend with the server host changed something. Looking into it. So not dead. Just making the notice here. =) Hope to have this up soon again.
  Sega Cd on Android! - 29 March , 2012 Posted by Mysticales

Just thought you all would love to know. =)

Also side note, been looking for a moderator on the forum. Getting tired of bots, no matter what protection I put in. Some help keeping them clean would be nice. Just shoot me an email.
  Forums.gens.me back up. - 21 February , 2011 Posted by Mysticales
Sorry didnt know that SOMEHOW the redirect on the forums url was messed up. Its fixed now and forums are still here. =)
  Reminder to any emulation site and wiki. - 7 April , 2010 Posted by Mysticales
Just sent out a few emails and I edited the sourceforge and wiki site to reflect the homepage here. If you also have a site for emulation or gaming news, please make the mention or edit about www.gens.me Thanks. =)
  OMG! New versions and Updates? - 19 March , 2010 Posted by Mysticales
On the grapevine, Yes still here. =D I also heard about a D3D version coming soon. ;) May wanna stay tuned!

Also reminder, http://forums.gens.me All still there. =)
  Gens.me - 27 June , 2009 Posted by Mysticales
Due to issues on godaddy I was forced to change the site to gens.me (Which annoyed me VERY much what godaddy did... since this all costs out of my pocket to keep things running..) Anyways gens.me is here to stay. Please if you are a news network website or community to pass the word. The forums, I will be sending out a mass email to everyone to pass the word. Welcome back and lets please get things going again. =)
  Sorry for downtime - 11 February , 2009 Posted by Mysticales
Sorry about the downtime, Host upgraded and migrated items which caused the site to go down, I didnt know that things were effected. All fixed now. =D
  Forum update and conversion Phase 1 - 9 April , 2008 Posted by Mysticales
Hey all, I converted from Ikon, it is now on Vbulletin sharing with my setup at darkmystics.com Still tweaking things. However with this update, alot more options open up! =D

Please test, make sure you can login and so and get back to me. Thanks.

http://forums.gens.ws should be the url to look for.
  Site moving in progress. - 13 March , 2008 Posted by Mysticales
Moving the host over, so Gens.ws is the new host (Which is hosted by me with alot more options and abilities that I can manage here) while the original (fully working) http://gens.consolemul.com is the orig. (Which btw we do still thank you Consolemul!)
  Sega Cd on PSP! - 22 February , 2008 Posted by Mysticales
Ok this I didnt realize, but it was released on Nov 2007. Picodrive for the PSP has Sega Cd support!

I know its not GENS or Kega etc yet, however the spirit here was always one community one area for all things Sega cd. Since I know I get a TON of email for Pocket PC, Palm and PSP support so I thought I would report it here too.

http://dl.qj.net/PicoDrive-for-PSP-v1.35b-PSP-Emulators/pg/12/fid/15233/catid/133 (For Phat PSP users with 1.50 support)

http://dl.qj.net/Picodrive-for-PSP-1.35a-for-CFW-3.xx-PSP-Emulators/pg/12/fid/15193/catid/133 (For PSP Slim users)

Enjoy! Ill try to be moving a few things around here shortly too and give this site a lil overhaul to make it more general Sega cd news when it comes up. =)
  Forum Update #1 - 23 December , 2007 Posted by Mysticales
I have updated the version of Ikonboard. Thats the 1st step. Please check if you can login ok, if the posts are all there that you know of, and if you can register fine.

If not, Please email me at mysticales@darkmystics.com
  Site/Forum move upcoming. - 8 December , 2007 Posted by Mysticales
Hey all, Nope, no one abandoned you at all. Just I had to setup more on my host and then RL is always fun..

There have been some odd things going on with the forums lately which seems to just go to show me its time to move on to better things with it. I am planning with luck to convert them in vbulletin and move to a sql based forum for them within my host. Which then Gens should be much more stable and able to grow some or least have something solid as a home base. =D

Anyways, so will be doing this asap and hopefully can get forums converted easily.
  New version of Gens32 - 24 May , 2006 Posted by Stef
If you're looking for a sort of "updated Gens", don't forget to check Gens32.
This emulator (based on Gens) written by DarkDancer is updated almost every week ! Compared to Gens it adds many new (and crazy) features. Check that by yourself here !
  Gens 2.14 (souvenir) - 21 May , 2006 Posted by Stef
No, you're not dreaming, a new version of Gens is out.
But to be honest don't expect many changes from the last (and old) version. See it as a bugfix version.
Gens 2.12b accidently added "fake" support of sega CD save state. I just forgot to desactivate support (which was very partially implemented) before releasing the version.
With Gens 2.14 (you can get it in the download section), we now have much better support of Sega CD save state (thanks to Upthorn, he did the job here), but it's still not really safe to use it as i doesn't work every time.
SGG ENV support was desactived from the YM2612 since it brings severals bugs in the core unfortunatly.
Some others minors stuff were modified, consult the history file to know more about them.
This version is provided by DarkDancer (Thanks ;))
To be honest i don't work myself anymore on the old sources of Gens.
I started a complete rewrite of Gens sometime ago, i don't have many free time but i won't give up on that piece ;) Just be patient :)
  Happy April fools day! - 1 April , 2006 Posted by Mysticales
Unlike last year and so.. I wont be shutting down forums, site etc. =p

Anyways, yea, I am still around, sorry dont post much, just rl work.. doing 10am - 10pm and then when I get home I am tired. =(

Ok listen up I am humoring website designs for GENS. Nothing fancy, nothing that requires SQL. Reason I say that is, if I ever had to upload and restore the site, I rather be a quick upload and go to have it running. Always worked for me.

If you have some designs you wish to share. email me at Mysticales@darkmystics.com lets see if we can touch this up some. =) Just sorry I havent got around to it time wise. =(((
  Interesting cable mod to use your PC as a Sega controller. - 15 November , 2005 Posted by Mysticales
Hey all, just found this.
Made by joreofiorio35 who IMed me it, said its not too much of a hack, but its something interesting none the less incase anyone here wants to try it and make something more of it. =)
  Some news - 20 August , 2005 Posted by Stef
Gens is now in a sort of "complete rewrite", old sources 2.12b becomes a big mess to maintain and i think it's time to clean all that. Of course you can't expect a new version soon. Even worse, the next version won't have more features that current 2.12b... some will probably miss and others will be added.
I can't say exactly what will happen, but i'm actively working on Gens :)
I uploaded a new version of Starscream (0.26d), it was sitting on my hard disc from a long time now. Get it in the download section.
  GENS makes it into retrogaming.net magazine! - 27 June , 2005 Posted by Mysticales
Wow.. I was at Barnes and Noble last night. I look around at the PC mags and so, well, I saw something new.. Retrogaming magazine. It said the cd had alot of emulators.. I look at the back of the book, GENS, AGES, KGen, etc were all listed and GENS was listed as the best one! Was like wow.. I dont rem if someone contacted me before about publishing this in a magazine.. I know I had some people before talk about things.. but not sure if these people were one of them. But anyways, just thought I would pass a thank you to retrogaming.net for putting GENS in their issue. =)
  A special day. - 13 June , 2005 Posted by Stef
Today is one special day : my girlfriend and i have been together for just one year. This message is for her, to say how much i love her. I love you Anais :)
  Some news - 30 April , 2005 Posted by Stef
Just to say i'm back working on Gens less or more actively depending of my free time.
We're modifying the main structure which really need it (just see open source project). Severals ports (linux and BeOS) has their own tree and we need to unify that to make things easier and faster.
To be honest, you'll have to wait sometime again before seeing a new version, but it'll arrive for sure :)
I removed the donation link which was here just for site maintenances stuff as Domain Name.
Sincerely thanks to all the donators !
Gens site is now http://www.gens.ws (WS means WebSite, unfortunatly all others common extension were already used).
Altough http://gens.consolemul.com still does it of course.

Something else i want to add, here's an easy way to support me and we can also bring you some moneys : you can get paid just by "using search engine" :) there is no craps, some people were already paid. Just by doing 50 searchs by day you can earn about 30$ in a month without referal. With a single referal you can already earn until 60$ by month ! until 90$ with 2 referals... More you do search, more you earn :)
You need to subscribe a StormPay account for begin paid.

PayPup (referal number : 32335)

By using my referals numbers and doing searchs on this site, you can make me earn some moneys and that's always appreciated :)
  Happy Aprils fools! - 2 April , 2005 Posted by Mysticales
Hey all to all you who saw, the GENS 3.00 was just a joke file, not a virus or anything, just a joke program to get you on Aprils fools. =)

Hope most of you dont wanna kill me now. =p
  GENS 3.0 Launch! - 1 April , 2005 Posted by Mysticales
Hey all! Stef has finally released the long awaited GENS 3.0! You knew of it from the beta and today is the day it comes to you!

Updates include:
- Better SMS Support
- Fixes to the core for improved speed
- OpenGL/D3D Support
- More realistic sound (Fixes for like sound FX)
- Improved netplay client
- Better file handling...

For the specs and update list read the readme file!

To grab this:
GENS 3.0 (Self Extracting exe)

Enjoy! ^_^v

Please make any bug comments or so on the forums. Thanks. =)
  http://www.genesisproject-online.com/ - 10 March , 2005 Posted by Mysticales
Hey everyone! Red5 is finally back in action and revived his site full of old manuals from Sega games, game genie codes and more!


So head on over there and see all the old things you have missed!
  Testing some new stuff - 25 February , 2005 Posted by Mysticales
Hey all, just testing some new news posting abilities.. ones that can be tracked on sourceforge and here as well as allow sourceforge devs to be able to post news here too and make it easy for you all to know what is what.

Edit: Well maybe not on the mirror yet... (remote page news reading)

Also fyi: http://gens.sourceforge.net is up and running abit, its a stand alone mirror, so if something goes on here.. you can zoom on by there and look for a news post if something major is up or just FYIs. (Sorry, doubt ill install the forums there, even though I could. But thats tad redundant)

Also remember www.gens.ws is also online, so chances are if the site is down, Ill have updated the gens.ws url to point where we are up and running. =)
  New url online! www.gens.ws - 15 February , 2005 Posted by Mysticales
Hello everyone! Thanks to you all, our new url is online! its http://www.gens.ws Currently it points to here, however that should change soon also to try to keep both urls active so in case a site or someone remebers the old one. So keep that book mark in mind, because if the host ever goes down or so, rest assured, we will point the url name elsewhere to minimize downtime.

Thanks again to all who have donated to make this possable! =) Keep a eye out for a new site layout soon, hopefully you will enjoy that as well. =)
  GENS 2.12b released! - 15 February , 2005 Posted by Mysticales
Hello everyone a new release is out! This one is from the new source files and includes some misc bug fixes. No new features have been added in this version. However its only a start of things to come for GENS and the new SourceForge team! =)
Get it here! Gens 2.12b (current source release)

* Fixed a display corruption/flickering bug with DirectX that would often occur when switching between windowed and full-screen.
* Fixed a bug in regards to restoring windowed state (minimized/maximized/etc) when switching between windowed and full-screen; sometimes Gens would not switch out of full-screen properly. * New build process for win32 version, using MS VS.NET (VC70) with performance optimizations. Resulting binary is larger, but runtime performance appears better. Probably runs more smoothly on slower machines.
  Big book of Game Genie codes added! Also Thanks to donators! - 7 February , 2005 Posted by Mysticales
I added Red5's old Big book of Game Genie codes to the download page, so I hope that will help ALOT of you. =)

Also thanks to all who have donated so far! This helps alot! Now just need to figure out the url domain we will go with and then we will be set for a long time! =) Thanks to you all who are helping make this possable!
  New GENS Beta for everyone who donates! - 1 February , 2005 Posted by Mysticales
Hello all, as you know we started to ask for some donations. This is just to help pay for a new domain as well as allow you to show your thanks to Stef for all the hard work he has done!

However we dont want you to go away empty handed! Thats right! Everyone who dontates.. even if its only 2$ will be allowed access to a new forum as well as the NEW GENS beta that has started to come to life! You will be able to contact the author, tech support and offer advice and help be a part of the new BETA and help make it a success! Also your forum username group will be updated also with a icon to show that you have donated!

Special thanks goes out to Denzilla who was our first to donate!

Open BETA will not be launched at this time yet. Open BETA will be annouced at a later date. So if you want to get in on the new action. Please donate! Helps Stef out. =D

Feel free to join us in the forums to talk about this.
Topic 1
Topic 2
  Gens is not dead - 28 January , 2005 Posted by Stef
No, Gens is not dead, it was just asleep for a long time.
I don't say much, i can't say much for now... just be patient :)
You'll have more infos later.
  More on support. - 27 January , 2005 Posted by Mysticales
Hey all, some confusion has been going on with the new stuff. Ok well 1. GENS is being worked on and a new thing is coming soon. =D Next off, added a paypal button, so please help out in any way you can, GENS will always stay free, however to those who help.. something good will come to you. Even if its only 1$ heh. Maybe like a BETA that is being worked on? ;)

So far the domain that seems to have the higher vote is gens.md however please visit our forums and vote yourself. =)
Domain is nice incase the host ever goes down and we need to move the site to a backup or anything so you will never be down, also for the support to the author and everything else that goes on. =)

But keep a eye out... more changes coming soon! =)
  Looking for support on a new domain and community effort! =) - 26 January , 2005 Posted by Mysticales
Hello all, 1st Stef and I would like to thank all who made GENS come this far as well as every other author out there who was a big role in the Sega cd emu game. Now, we are looking for community support in getting us a new TRUE domain as well as any misc things we want to do that need some small funding. More support = More features or longer life of the domain/hosting. We are not asking for anything major as the domain alone only costs 9$ a year. So if 3 people pay 10$ donation.. thats 3 years alone paid for. Then trying to see what else we can do here to make this site better as well as the #1 page for all Sega emu and porting efforts to all systems. News, downloads, source, etc.

If you are interested in showing your support then please read this post and vote and email me at mysticales@darkmystics.com.

Gens Domain/Hosting forum post
  Happy new year... - 17 January , 2005 Posted by Stef
First, i wish you all a happy new year (a bit late sorry :p).
I know the site seems to be dead lately, but i can assure you this is not the case :) hopefully 2005 will bring you some nice stuff... i can't say more right now ;)
  Sponsor - 17 January , 2005 Posted by Stef
The site is now proudly sponsored by Lik-Sang.com, one of the most trusted places online for import games, gaming gear and other hot videogame stuff. Lik-Sang.com ships the latest import games and systems (including Sony PSP and Nintendo DS pre-orders), thousands of top-notch videogame accessories, game music, videogame toys and figures and other cool stuff.
Go here for more.

You can save $5 Off $40 at Lik-Sang.com.
Just enter the following discount code at checkout: LS-ADB9B98219670ED3.
  Hello All, Some updates and looking for a news person. =) - 12 January , 2005 Posted by Mysticales
Hey all, Figured I needed to post and say, YES someone is still alive here. =D Basically couple updates, just updated the forums and backed them up in case of a server crash. Right now I am looking to see what projects are open, active and need to be put in the downloads page and so, and try to update certain areas.

I am also looking for any published open source author to email me at mysticales(AT)darkmystics(DOT)com to tell me whats up and to see how to get them more published here.

Also looking for someone who has good insight and has exp in posting news as well as KNOW whats going on as well to help with the posting here on this site.

So keep a eye out over a tad and some changes will be made to show you all that things are still going on. In meantime check out the forums and talk to us. =)
  Update to Linux version of Gens. - 22 May , 2004 Posted by Mysticales
The change in this version are GUI tweaks, use of GTK 2.4, mp3 playback,
joystick improvement.
As usual, the sources are available on sourceforge (gens-rc3.tar.gz)

Thanks !

Gens for linux maintainer.
  Sorry. >.< - 22 May , 2004 Posted by Mysticales
Sorry after trying and trying and even having ikonboard staff looking at it, the DB files for the old files are corrupt, this was due to them moving around in the host change etc and restore. =( Sorry. >.< After a month however and people have had time to get back into SeF I will make a backup from that point so this issue should not have quite as large impact as last time.
  Forums Update - 18 May , 2004 Posted by Mysticales
There is a chance Ill be able to save the old forums from the last point before the hack, So if you see forums acting up, I might be working with it. Also IF this works soon, then that would mean any new posts done in the next couple days, might be lost, but all the old ones and members would be fully restored. So lets hope I can do something. =)
  Forums Online. However... - 17 May , 2004 Posted by Mysticales
You may need to re register as a OLD backup from 2002 was used and mods-admins will need to email me at mysticales@darkmystics.com to fix your access and get back into the flow. Anything else missing or wrong, please email me as well. I upgraded forums at the same time and imported stuff. Never know if there is a bug that I didnt see. Hope this will get us back on track tho. Sorry however that old topics etc were lost. =(
  Sorry.. =/ Lost the old news files. - 16 May , 2004 Posted by Mysticales
Sorry about that, in fixing the site, lost the recent news that was posted. Didnt know Stef was manually doing it again. =P Any updates however should be reflected fine again. =)
  Working on Forums and Site Restore - 16 May , 2004 Posted by Mysticales
Just fyi, Im still around and kicking butt to help restore GENS. My goal? To help restore the forums to its natural order. Wish me luck! ^_^v
  Gens for Linux updated - 20 July , 2003 Posted by Stef
The linux version of Gens has been updated.
The major change in this version is the configurable joystick support !
This version should also be more stable :)
You get download the sources HERE or on the SourceForge project page.
  After Beos, Gens on Linux :) - 2 July , 2003 Posted by Stef
I know that a lot of people were waiting that day :
playing gens on Linux (without using Wine).
Thanks to Stphane Akhoun and Caz for making it true.
You can download the sources on the SourceForge Project page or here.

  Gens on BeOS ! - 29 May , 2003 Posted by Stef
Gens has been ported on BeOS :)
Caz made a wonderful work : joystick, sound, Mega CD and 32X are supported !
He used Allegro library for the port, that means you can use the same sources with minors modifications to do a linux version, if someone is interested ;)
You can get both sources and binary files at BeEmulated
  Gens Sources archives available ! - 22 April , 2003 Posted by Stef
You can now directly download the Gens sources in zipped archive format for those which can't use CVS (or are too lazy to do it).

Two archives are available :
- Gens 2.10 (last stables sources)
- Gens WIP (~Gens 2.12a - not stable, for developers only).

Have fun :)

These archives are on the SourceForge Gens project page which you can access by clicking on the SourceForge logo (right bottom of the page).
  Happy Aprils Fools Day! - 1 April , 2003 Posted by Mysticales
Sorry about that hehe, Just had to do something last min ;) But also saw Zophar.net had same idea. Anyways, nothing to worry about here, rem Sega loves us unoffically. Its NES that takes everyone down!
Anyways, Happy A day. Also for those trying to email me still. Its still down =( Looking into it with the host, something on their end is messed up. =/ Oh well, also news of a Linux port of Gens is in the works from what I hear!

Reminder, if you are working a stable and serious Gens version, I ask that you contact me so i can help promote it right. That or help like I been. =) Thanks.
  Email Support - 22 March , 2003 Posted by Mysticales
If you have been wondering why email support has been slow, Im sorry, been working a few things and also SX (who is my sega email host as well) is doing a DNS change, So give me a few days to work this all out. Please post on forums if you need help fast. =) Tech support via email can be tried in a couple days again, sorry about that!
  Gens becomes Open Source ! - 9 March , 2003 Posted by Stef
I was planning to modify the Gens project status since a long time now and some recents changes in my personnal life (as a fulltime job) finally decided me.
I've less time to work on my personnal project and i think that Open Source can help to maintain Gens alive, that doesn't mean i'll personnaly stop development on Gens...I'm still here :)
But i hope that'll help to have extra funsy features added.

The project is maintened with SourceForge, click on the SF logo (bottom-left of the page) to open the Gens project page.
The project isn't enterely setup, but it'll be done soon...
Many thanks to Wonder Sonic for helped me with SF :)
  IRC script down =( - 25 January , 2003 Posted by Mysticales
Sorry... dont seem to work right now.. www.mirc.com get that, install it, join on efnet any server and /join #tavern see you there.
  IRC Chat this weekend! - 23 January , 2003 Posted by Mysticales
Saturday, 4pm EST, a open chat for the emulator community, come talk with us. Authors will join us too if all goes well, Either way, the chat will be going on and a netplay session too! We will be using AGES for netplay to give it a full shake down. The IRC channel is #tavern on EFNet. You can logon via this page, however if the page or server gets overloaded, Ill move the server and channel to a more stable online version. We hope to see you there!
  SSH2 1.60 released. - 27 December , 2002 Posted by Stef
What's SSH2 ? It's the new name of the Gens SH-2 core :)
I decided to release this new version which is *much* better than version 1.00
Many fixes, many improvements ...
Download the sources here
  Updated Help File! =) - 20 December , 2002 Posted by Mysticales
Ok well I went back to my help file I had made for 1.60 and updated it since Red5 hasnt worked on one in awhile. =/ So here you go, it should cover all basic items including a quick sega cd iso burning lesson. Please note, as of right now this help file has to be manually launched, Not using the in program "help" options. But this should be more then what you need. =)

Download: Rev 1.0 Help File

Please email me if you feel something is left out or needs to be covered more.

Merry Christmas. ;)
  Reports - 10 November , 2002 Posted by Mysticales
Forum was down again, sorry.
Anyways just to post the news again and make GENS Downloading easier.

Download GENS 2.11 Here

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