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Most common issues will be posted here. This page will be updated when a new issue is always asked about.

You can find alot of answers about GENS in the manual at http://www.genesisproject.co.uk/

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  • Some CD/DVD/CDRW drives may not be compatible with Gens. If this is the case try another Cd-Drive. If that still doesn't work or you don't have another drive, try making a cd image.

  • If when you put a Sega/Mega-Cd game in the drive and boot and you get the menu screen with tracks, this means that the Sega/Mega-Cd doesn't recognize the cd as a game, be sure you have a correct Sega/Mega CD game, it can also be a problem with your CD drive which isn't supported worrectly by Gens.
  • If you boot a cd and all you see on the screen is "Checking CD" it means that the cd might not be recognized or the Cd is scratched or dirty and can't be read properly. Try cleaning the cd and re boot it or make a cd image of it to see if that fixes the problem.

  • Some games run better as a cd image file. If you game doesn't work from cd, make a image file from it with the .mp3s and try again. If that still doesn't work then the game isn't currently supported. Report this and wait for newer versions.

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Quick link: [Gens FAQ] - [Sega Cd FAQ] - [Genesis/Mega-Drive FAQ]

Q : I got the following message : "Error with Query Interface", how fix it ?

A : You just have to reinstall directX 7.0 (or above).

Q : I can't set my joypad because keys are automatically pressed (quickly), what's the problem ?

A : Some people have experienced problems getting Gens to use their Joypad because when they press a button on the Joypad Gens reads multiple inputs and sets all the controls to one button! To fix this you should reinstall your Joypad drivers and then reinstall DirectX 7.0, don't forget to recalibrate your Joypad before running Gens though. If this doesn't fix the problem it is probably your Joypad drivers that are at fault, check for newer versions, unfortunately there is nothing else I can do about this problem and you'll have to use the Keyboard.

Q : I can't get diagonals using my joypad, or diagonals have stopped working how do I fix it?

A : Several people have reported this problem and it seems to be a Gens.cfg problem. Quit Gens, find and delete your Gens.cfg file. Now restart Gens and set your joypads up again, hopefully you should now be able to get diagonals.

Q : 2xSAI doesn't work in fullscreen !

A : Windowed and Full Screen modes use different graphics engines and you will not always be in the same Render Mode when changing between the two. For example if you want to use the 2xSai Render Mode in Full Screen mode you will need to select that option whilst you are in Full Screen mode. Right-click to bring up the floating menu or use the F11 and F12 keys to switch the current render mode.

Q : How exiting Netplay ?

A : First, you have to close the rom (Ctrl+C) then close the Kaillera client windows.

Q : Why does Netplay sometimes crash?

A : The Kaillera library has some bugs, Gens has others so unfortunately Netplay can be a little unstable at the moment.

Q : Colors are completely wrong !

A : Graphics cards use several types of internal 16bit rendering engines, some use 555 mode (eg ATi Rage Pro) whilst others use 565 mode (eg NVidea TNT2). Gens automatically tries to detect which graphics standard your video card uses, unfortunately it doesn't always get it right. If the palette is all wrong on your system you can force Gens to use the correct video mode by editing the Gens.cfg file. Open the file with Notepad and under the [graphics] section add one of the following commands until the problem is corrected:
Force 555=1
Force 565=1

Q : When i should use "force software blit" feature ?

A : First of all remember that this feature only works in the full screen "normal" and "double" render modes. You should try it if these render modes are not working or if you are having speed problems in these render modes on slower computers (it can however be slower with "force software blit" turned on, depending on your video card).

Q : When should I use the "Improved DAC sound" feature?

A : The "Improved DAC sound" feature is interesting with a few games like Street Fighter 2 - The New Challengers but doesn't have any effect with most other games. It can also cause sound bugs with a few games so don't use it when isn't necessary, it should be turned off by default.

Q : What is different with Ages, Kega and why would I use it?

A : Ages and Kega alike are built differently. Although Gens is currently the most compatible emulator there is there comes a time when a game might not work and it will work on Ages or Kega.

Q : Crazy logo ?

A : Intro Style=1

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Q : Gens back to the blank/intro screen after i used Boot CD (or loaded an ISO image), what's mean ?

A : Your sega CD bios aren't correctly configured, report you to the sega CD section for more info. Another reason (when you load an ISO image) can be that you have a corrupted ISO image, Gens can't recognize it as an sega CD file so it cancel the loading process...

Q : I always got the BIOS CD player interface with "NO DISC" message after a "Boot CD", what's the problem ?

A : Be sure to use the good CD Drive, if it's the case, try to use another one or upgrade your ASPI drivers.

Q : The bios keeps saying "CHECKING DISC" !

A : This means that the CD isn't being recognized as a Sega-CD/Mega-CD. Check to make sure you have placed your Sega-CD/Mega-CD in the correct CD-Drive and that the disc itself isn't damaged. Also CD-Drive support in Gens is currently a little buggy and may not work with all drives. If you have more than one CD or DVD drive installed in your system try using the other one to see if that fixes the problem. If you only have one drive, or none of your drives are working, try updating to the latest ASPI drivers.

Q : The bios goes to the CD player and NO DISC message appears.

A : The CD-Drive support in Gens is currently a little buggy and may not work with all drives. If you have more than one CD or DVD drive installed in your system try using the other one to see if that fixes the problem. If you only have one drive, or none of your drives are working, try updating to the latest ASPI drivers.

Q : I don't have sound in my sega CD game, i'm playing it from an image with the MP3 files, how fix it ?

A : Rename correctly your MP3 files...

Q : I don't have sound in my sega CD game but i'm playing from a CD, huh ?

A : With Gens 1.40, it's normally impossible, or it's an emulation related problem (or you disabled CDDA playback in sound option) ! Also be SURE that the selected Cd-Rom drive is connected to the sound card AND that the Cd Player in the volume control is turned up.

Q : I got a little CDDA sound bug every minute, what's the problem ?

A : The bug is know, it occurs when sound rate is set to 11 Khz or 22 Khz (with NTSC games only for 22 Khz), just set the sound rate to 44 Khz.

Q : My game wont recognize my External RAM cart and I know it supports it!

A : Although most games will offer to format your RAM cart, some games wont. To format your RAM cart for use read the Internal/External RAM Section.

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Q : Where i can find roms ?

A : It's easy to find roms with search engine, don't forget that is illegal to have roms if you don't have the original game. I can't be responsible for your acts.

Q : Game Genie doesn't work !!!

A : Game Genie often seems to cause no end of problems for people, read the Game Genie section again! For additional help using Game Genie Codes you can also download our other e-book, the Big Book of Game Genie Codes, from the Genesis Project.

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