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Gens works on Win9X, it needs Directx 7.0 or higher.

It has following features:
- Windowed / Fullscreen mode with scanline and severals graphics engines
- Joystick support
- Netplay
- Save / Load State support (10 slots at the same format as genecyst / Dgen)
- SRAM support (saved in .srm file)
- BRAM support (saved in .brm file)
- Complete sound support (YM2612, PCM, PGS 76489, DAC) in 16 bits stereo at 11025 / 22050 / 44100 Hz
- Configurations files support
- ZIP support
- And a lot of others nice features...

The compatibility of gens is very good :
- 92% of games work perfectly.
- 5% of games are playables with few glitches.
- 3% of games are unplayables.

GENESIS PROJECT has tested 0-9/A-M/S-Z roms on Gens, you should have a look on this very good site.

About Netplay :
If some others genesis emulator authors plan to add Netplay support by using Kaillera, here's the format of the data i sent with kailleraModifyPlayValues function for one player (2 bytes of lenght) :

Bit 0 Right
Bit 1 Left
Bit 2 Down
Bit 3 Up
Bit 4 C
Bit 5 B
Bit 6 A
Bit 7 Start
Bit 8 Z
Bit 9 Y
Bit A X
Bit B-F 1

Value : 0 if the button is pressed and 1 in other case.

There is no more any speed comparaison between genesis emulators...

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