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  WHAT'S NEW - 02/15/2005
First official source release! 2.12b
- Fixed a display corruption/flickering bug with DirectX that would often occur when switching between windowed and full-screen.

- Fixed a bug in regards to restoring windowed state (minimized/maximized/etc) when switching between windowed and full-screen; sometimes Gens would not switch out of full-screen properly.

- New build process for win32 version, using MS VS.NET (VC70) with performance optimizations. Resulting binary is larger, but runtime performance appears better. Probably runs more smoothly on slower machines.

  WHAT'S NEW - 17/08/2002
New archive page
Just a new system used that archives older news. Click For Archive
For Old forums Click Here

  WHAT'S NEW - 05/05/2002
Open IRC day for Sega community!
Gather round on the 12th at 4pm est (10 pm for us in germany) for a open house irc day! Meet the authors of your favorite emulators and ask questions in live chat! The place is on EFnet in channel #tavern After the chat is over enjoy the first true meeting of online Kaillera with other GENS users. Games to be played under the server will be listed on that day. Hope to see you there!

  WHAT'S NEW - 23/04/2002
I fixed severals bugs in the new sound cores and since i don't think to make a major release before a while i prefer to put Gens 1.91 available for download now.
This build contains italian and japanese translations of the gens.txt
Thanks for all the report about sound issues, this helped me a lot to fix bugs :)

Here's the changes in this version :

* YM2612 emulation:
- Fixed a stupid bug with decay rate calculation.
- Fixed the enveloppe recalculation.
- Fixed the LFO in High Quality mode.
- Improved the interpolation calculation in HQ mode (slower).
- Fixed a bug in the reset processus.
* PSG emulation :
- Fixed a bug with very high frequencies.
- Fixed a bug in the reset processus.
- Volume ajusted.

Download Gens 1.91 HERE

  VIRUS WORM PREVENTION! - 17/08/2002 The Naked NOW
Updated News: Ok well got some more info for you, Today I counted 13(!) worms in my mailbox! Thats enough! Anyways notice to ALL who email us. DO NOT send attachments! Contact us FIRST, Then after we reply, send it. Also MS has issued a patch that will stop mail from opening up.

Anyways just know this, whoever in zeeland.nl is senidng this, your about to get something "nice"......anyways This list I remodified abit. Also added hella lot to it. Just so you all can see.
Virus Sender list

  VIRUS WORM PREVENTION! - 13/04/2002 Take 2
Updated News: Ok current status. The worm IS one of the biggest threats out there today. Attaches and sends. For TRUE reports and removal tips from Norton

Thats some info, Also this group sending it is TOO much! This isnt random mail from the worm. This is meant to hurt us. As always check this list out for the current senders!
Virus Sender list
Well I will keep you updated on this and PLEASE take heed to my notes below otherwise you may have problems. -Mystic

  VIRUS WORM PREVENTION! - 08/04/2002 W32.Klez.E@mm
Updated News: Below are ways to prevent this worm from infecting you. It seems to be isolated in the emu community however this send out to anyone with a address book. (Outlook, Lotus, NS) Anyways here are tips to killing it:
  • Turn html mail off. (Make text based emails, you can always override the individual mail)
  • Adding "!0000" without an e-mail address, This WILL stop any worm sending viruses using your address book, The error will report to check your address book for a error. If you see this then you know something is sending emails without you knowing.
  • Finally, Use Norton 2001 - 2002 for AV (Or install once, scan, go back to what your using) I have not had any problems with what I have....

  • Anyways Those are the ways to fix the problems going on. As always I am still adding to the list below. I am ONLY listing those who "fake" their emails. Most come from .nl tho. Anyways I hope this helps you all out and be aware. -Mystic

      VIRUS ALERTS! - 07/04/2002 W32.Klez.E@mm
    Warning to all! I have finally traced down why some people claim GENS had a virus! Seems that a certain group (If not the whole webpage) is trying to fake as Gens Admins, friends, etc. The site is http://www.zeelandnet.nl When you get viruses. Read the properties of the email. It will SHOW the real email address of the user and isp, ip, etc! Report them! Kill them and press charges against them! Remember we over at Gens, Kega, Ages, Eidolon, SX, will NEVER send viruses to you OR attachments! (Not unless you know about this sue to past emails) Please be alert and thanks for your continued support! Also IF you have methods of your own to track down the users of this site (More then one) please report to your authorities for action. Thanks! -Mystic

    Updated News: I have started to collect the source codes of ALL email viruses I get. This way IF someone gets a virus partaining to this. Save me the same info and I will post it. Then we go from there. The most common sent were in gens.exe, zsnes, mid, pif files. If you have html enabled for reading. You may wish to disable this since you need to delete the mail without opening them.
    To read the collection Click Here Email me if you wish to add to this list.

      WHAT'S NEW - 05/04/2002
    Finally Gens 1.90 is ready to be released :)
    The major change in this version is the complete new genesis sound core :
    Both PSG and YM2612 have been entirely rewritten !
    It'll be easier for me to improve them now since it's my own code (i was using a modified version of the PSG and the YM2612 MAME core in previous Gens version).
    I think the YM2612 core already sounds good but i *want* to improve speed and accuracy in future, it's why feedback and bugs reports are welcome :)
    The new PSG core sounds probably not as good than the old one but it's a lot faster.

    I also fixed stupid bugs added with Sega CD emulation in Gens 1.80, you still can download the compatibility list HERE but i don't plan to update it anymore, since almost Sega CD games are now working.
    If you're looking for the Gens manual, go to the GENESIS PROJECT site, Red5 will update it soon.
    As usual a lot of translation updates have be done, don't forget to check them on the download page, thanks again to all people which make them.
    Yesterday was a sad day, Steve Snake (author of Kega) got a major HD failure and he lost important data (and Kega sources since version 0.02), i really hope he'll recover them.
    You can contact him on the KEGA FORUM if you want propose some help/support.

    Gens 1.90 changes:

    [SEGA CD]

    * GFX conversion fixed (all conversions possibilities are emulated now).
    * Severals bugs added in Gens 1.80 have been fixed.


    * New YM2612 core :
    - More accurate.
    - We can activate a "High Quality" emulation mode.
    - A bit faster.
    * New PSG core :
    - We can activate "PSG improvement" mode (see the shortcut section).
    - Faster.
    * Save state support fixed a bit (some stuff were broken in Gens 1.80)
    * Minors changes and fixes.


    * Removed the 8 bits sound option (useless).
    * Fixed the infamous "closing during initialisation" bug.
    * Fixed a minor bug with the software x2 blit MMX.

    Download Gens 1.90 HERE

      WHAT'S NEW - 24/02/2002
    Updated Bugs page abit, will add more soon! Do you have a GENS bug? (Not a game issue bug) Then email me! Lets get everyone to know whats up and help see new bugs if any. =) -Mystic

      WHAT'S NEW - 24/02/2002
    Added new language file, Valencian, Thanks to M. Vivo for sending it in! -Mystic

      WHAT'S NEW - 22/02/2002
    Gens 1.80 is available :)
    The Gens manual will probably be updated soon, check it at GENESIS PROJECT.
    I noticed that i got some bad dumps so now 100% of my 106 Sega CD games are playable with Gens 1.80 !
    This doesn't mean the Sega CD compatibility is perfect, some games still has bugs and probably others that i don't have doesn't work yet... but anyway Sega CD compatibility is very good now.
    HERE's the updated Sega CD compatibility list.
    Some languages pack has been updated, check them in the download section.
    For french people, don't forget that a french Gens site exist at Emuarena.

    Changes in Gens 1.80 :

    [SEGA CD]

    * CDD and CDC emulation improved.
    * Fixed the bug with mono MP3 (broken accidently in Gens 1.70)
    * Perfect Synchro fixed (can't break anymore a game which work in normal mode).
    * PCM timing fixed.
    * Minor bugs fixed.


    * Sprite overflow flag fixed (thanks Steve Snake).
    * VDP rendering engine tweaked a bit.
    * Save state modified :
    - Better compatibility with Genecyst.
    - Old saves states (with Gens version < 0.76) are probably not correctly supported anymore.
    * Others minor fixs.


    * News render modes : 50% and 25% scanline interpolated.
    * Game Genie feature easier to use.
    * More complete language support added, check the new english language.dat file to get more infos about the new translations possibilities.
    * Kaillera client updated to version 0.9
    * Some shortcuts added or modified.
    * Minor other changes.

    Download Gens 1.80 HERE

      WHAT'S NEW - 06/02/2002
    Troubles with ASPI on your system? Try ForceASPI and see if it fixes your problems with Kega or Gens. =) (Should fix W2k and XP -Mystic)
    To download it click Here

    Also updated FAQ section with help from Red5.

      WHAT'S NEW - 04/02/2002
    Added a install file for Gens. This is the same as the zip file except that this will make the links and the uninstall file. (For all you who like setups -Mystic) Download 1.70 Setup

    Also added a history page to clear up the home page abit for faster loading =)

      WHAT'S NEW - 01/02/2002
    Gens 1.70 released.
    Check the new Gens manual on GENESIS PROJECT, you can now use it directly in Gens (Red5 will probably update it some hours after the Gens release).
    As usual, you can find my Sega CD compatibility for Gens 1.70 HERE.
    Some languages pack has been updated, check them in the download section.

    Changes in Gens 1.70 :

    [SEGA CD]

    * Bug with memory fixed.
    * PCM sound fixed (but still a bit buggy sometimes).
    * SCSI CD/DVD ROM drives are now correctly supported.
    * Memory mode register fixed.


    * Bug in 2 Cells V-Scroll fixed.
    * Bug with dword 68000 predec EA mode fixed.
    * DBtr instruction fixed in Starscream 68000 core.
    * Minor fix in V counter (added in Gens 1.56)
    * Z80 initial state fixed.
    * Hilight / Shadow effect fixed.


    * Gens manual support added :
    You can now have a context help, you need to download the Gens manual (made by Red5) then configure the path in the Gens options.

    Download Gens 1.70 HERE

      WHAT'S NEW - 01/02/2002
    Working on some new layouts and sections for the webpage. (To make page load faster)
    If you have a bug or problem viewing something please email me -Mystic

      WHAT'S NEW - 30/01/2002
    Adding a new Troubleshooting / FAQ and bug report page, this should hopefully help you all out better (Still Updating).
    I also changed the forum, the new one require registered users, i hope this will maintain a more reliable forum.
    Thanks to Mysticales for helping me with this new stuff :)

      WHAT'S NEW - 20/01/2002
    I accidently broken the CDC DMA to Word RAM in Gens 1.60, GENS 1.60b fix the problem.

      WHAT'S NEW - 19/01/2002
    Gens 1.60 is out, some improvements in Sega CD emulation and minors fixs in genesis part too (some bugs has been added in Gens 1.56).
    You can find a complete chinese version of Gens 1.56 in the download section, thanks A-REN for made it.
    You can get the Sega CD compatibility for Gens 1.60 HERE
    Unfortunatly it will becomes difficult for me to improve the SEGA CD compatiblity, since almost of my games are now working perfectly.

    Changes in Gens 1.60 :

    [SEGA CD]

    * Vector GFX engine fixed.
    * CELL conversion fixed.
    * Minor fix in CDD emulation.
    * BRAM emulation fixed.
    * Some minors others fix.


    * Minor fix in Z80 timing.


    * Game genie codes list no more sorted.
    * Added an option to remove SCD LED.

    Download Gens 1.60 HERE

      WHAT'S NEW - 19/01/2002
    Red5 from Genesis Project has just released his awesome Big Book of Game Genie Codes.
    This e-books contains tons of Game Genie Codes for more 330 genesis games.
    It has some great features as save directly codes in a PAT file, print them... and contains a large section about "find new game genie codes".
    You can get it at GENESIS PROJECT

      WHAT'S NEW - 15/01/2002
    A new Genesis/SegaCD emulator made by Steve snake (author of KGen) was released yesterday : Kega.
    It's the first version (0.00) but the emulator has already a -very- good compatibility, both with genesis and Sega CD games, it has also great speed (faster than Gens in some case) and very good sound.
    You HAVE to try it KEGA.

    It's also time for a new Gens version : Gens 1.56 :)
    Both Genesis and Sega CD compatibility has been increased, get the last Sega CD compatibility list HERE

    Here's what's new in Gens 1.56 :

    [SEGA CD]

    * CDD timing emulation fixed.
    * CD read improved (better CDDA playback from real CD).
    * Perfect Synchro optimised.


    * Fixed VDP write.
    * Fixed the infamous TAS bug.


    * Minor bug with auto detection fixed.

    Download Gens 1.56 HERE

      WHAT'S NEW - 11/01/2002
    Japanese MegaCD were broken in Gens 1.50, futhermore i added a bg with VSync (actually it was fixed for almost NVidia card but others videos cards got troubles now).
    So another fix, and this time i hope it's the good one.
    Get the Sega CD compatibility list for Gens 1.52 HERE

    Here's what's new in Gens 1.52 :

    [SEGA CD]

    * PCM sound fixed (Popful Mail voices).
    * Fixed the memory management bug added in Gens 1.50


    * Z80 reset modified.


    * Bug with Vsync really fixed this time.

    Download Gens 1.52 HERE

      WHAT'S NEW - 09/01/2002
    Another problem with the last version on Win XP and Win 2000 (refresh rate problem).
    It's why i released a new version today, hopefully i fixed and added others stuff ;)
    Get the Sega CD compatibility list for Gens 1.50 HERE

    Here's what's new in Gens 1.50 :

    [SEGA CD]

    * Fixed a bug in CDD (bug was added in Gens 1.40)
    * Hard reset improved.
    * SRAM Cartridge support added.
    * Communication register fixed/modified (thanks Steve Snake).
    * Minor fix in memory management.


    * Minor change in Z80 timing.
    * Fixed the CHK instruction in 68000 Starscream core.


    * Bug with Vsync in Fullscreen with NVidia video card fixed.
    * The refresh rate problem with Win XP and Win 2000 is fixed.
    * Minors changes.

    Download Gens 1.50 HERE

    As usual, don't forget to check the download page for the last language pack.

      WHAT'S NEW - 04/01/2002
    Oupps ! I left a stupid bug which can cause sound bug in Gens 1.42, download Gens 1.42b HERE

      WHAT'S NEW - 04/01/2002
    First, i want to inform people who send me emails during the last days that my email account stef_d@caramail got a major crash, all mails sent between december 30th and yesterday are lost !
    Following persons are concerned :
    The dead man, BIOHAZARD, jamie fleming, genard, Theo, mike, James Hall, Rattle Man, Sergey Ruymik, zj, Champ Mitchell, dcclarke, robin apakis, thierry, Nancy, Andre,Loic Carotine, lui bq, Hatem Abdessalam, Zahid Omega, Andrew Watts, Red5 (Antony), Luciano delViscio, jromero124, gourley_henry, Musashi141, Brandon Lally, Jason Kyle, Matt Jesse ... and a lot others.
    So if you can, try to resend me the mails but on this address : gens@consolemul.com thanks (stef_d@caramail.com goes to the trash).

    Futhermore, a lot of people reported me some bugs with Win XP or Win 2000, so here's a new version (Gens 1.42) which fix them and bring others minors improvements :

    [SEGA CD]

    * Bug with win 2000 / win XP fixed.
    * Cell GFX conversion fixed.


    * YM2612 code modified a bit.
    * Z80 BUS flag really fixed this time :
    All genesis games broken accidently in Gens 1.40 are (normally) fixed.


    * You can now force the 555 or 565 video mode (see the FAQ section).
    * Minors changes.

    Download Gens 1.42 HERE

    Check the download section to get the last language.dat files...

      WHAT'S NEW - 22/12/2001
    Just a little fix for the render mode menu access, as i'm always testing them with shortcut, i didn't noticed the bug :p
    Download Gens 1.40b HERE

      WHAT'S NEW - 21/12/2001
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
    I know, it's a bit early but i won't be able to update my site later...
    It's also the time for a new release, unfortunatly Gens 1.40 isn't "as good" as i wanted, because i didn't get many time to work on Gens lately (i'm currently in a rush for a lot of stuff).
    Check the GENESIS PROJECT site to download the updated manual.
    For french users, you can visit the French Gens Site :)
    Don't forget to check the download section for language support :
    A new language has been added (estonian) and some has been updated.

    Here's the changes in Gens 1.40 :

    [SEGA CD]

    * CDD/CDC emulation improved (thanks Steve Snake for the fast foward/reverse command).
    * Direct CD read for play audio track, for the moment the synchro isn't yet perfect and we can heard noises sometimes.
    * CDC DMA fixed.
    * It's possible now to disable/enable CDDA playback.
    * Minor change in the memory mode register emulation.


    * YM2612 emulation improved :
    - Enveloppe phase fixed (right after a "key on" occurs).
    - Timers fixed.
    - Updated more often (slower but more accurate).
    * Z80 BUS flag fixed.
    * Z80 interrupt timing back to normal.


    * Added the "interpolated" render mode.
    * Some littles optimisations with "not MMX" renders modes.
    * Bugs with relative path fixed.
    * FAQ section of gens.txt updated, don't forget to check it before send any mails !
    * Minors changes...

    Download it HERE

      WHAT'S NEW - 12/11/2001
    A fast release just to fix the save state bug added in Gens 1.30 !
    Download Gens 1.30b HERE
    Some languages updated (Hebrew, Italian ...), don't forget to check it if you are interested.

      WHAT'S NEW - 09/11/2001
    Like i said some days ago, here's the new version of Gens (1.30).
    As in the 1.20 version, majors changes are related to the SEGA CD emulation and specially to the compatibility.
    I added the CGOffline support, a fast way to get game genie codes for a game (read the instructions i the gens.txt file to get it work).
    I think that Red5 will update the manual soon so don't forget to check the GENESIS PROJECT site.
    Here's my compatibility list updated for the 1.30 version.
    Check the download page for languages files (English, French, Russiand, Greek... updated and ukrainian added).

    What's new in Gens 1.30 :

    [SEGA CD]

    * Added the possibility to choose a perfect synchronisation emulation mode.
    This means that main CPU and sub CPU execute instruction by instruction then emulation is more accurate but a lot slower.
    This option is desactivated by default, you can enable it when you're playing a Sega CD game but it's highly recommend to use it only if the game doesn't work in normal emulation mode and if your CPU is fast (>= 500 Mhz).
    * Fixed a (stupid) bug in the GFX rotation/scaling engine.
    * Fixed Word RAM decoded format (dot GFX conversion).
    * Added CELL GFX conversion.
    * CDC -> PCM RAM DMA fixed.
    * CDD and CDC emulation improved.
    * Fixed the memory control register (not yet perfect).
    * Fixed a bug in the "Font Data" calculation.
    * Fixed a bug with PCM sound.
    * Fixed severals bugs in the MP3 decoder and streaming code.
    * Some others minors bugs fixed...


    * YM2612 emulator upgraded to the last version, FM sound is a bit better.
    * CGOffline support added.


    * All specials renders modes (Scanlines, 2xSAI ...) are now as fast in windowed mode than in fullscreen mode.
    * Better sound volume adjustement between all differents sound chips.
    * VSync added for windowed mode.
    * Can save or load custom named states.
    * States are described EMPTY or OCCUPIED.
    * Others minors changes...

    Download it HERE

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